Use wp-pic-query to output a set of plugins based on a query
The wp-pic-query shortcode is used to output a set of a plugin based on a query you specify.
All of the wp-pic shortcode attributes apply as well. You may need to change type to 'theme' if you are querying for themes.
Here are the available parameters.

search (default empty)

Search the plugin or theme directory for a keyword. Example of retrieving plugins that have to do with higlighting.
[wp-pic-query search="highlight"]

tag (default empty, can be comma-separated)

Search for a specific plugin or theme tag.
[wp-pic-query tag="dark,four-columns" per_page="4" type="theme" layout="wordpress" align="center" ajax="yes" cols="2"]

author (default empty, username)

Retrieve a list of plugins or themes based on the .org username.
[wp-pic-query author="automattic" per_page="6" type="plugin" layout="wordpress" align="center" ajax="yes" cols="2"]

user (default empty, username)

Retrieve a user's favorite plugins.
[wp-pic-query user="briKou" per_page="4" type="plugin" layout="wordpress" align="center" ajax="yes" cols="2"]

browse (default empty)

Browse, if specified, can have the following values.
  • featured
  • popular
  • updated
  • favorites
[wp-pic-query browse="popular" per_page="6" type="plugin" layout="card" margin="1rem" ajax="yes" cols="2"]

per_page (default 24)

How many results should be returned.
[wp-pic-query tag="buddypress" per_page="2" type="theme" layout="large" align="center" align="center"]

cols (default 2)

This is an appearance attribute. Choose from 1 to 3 columns for the output.